Beautiful Miss Alex, Babs and Friends!  Modeling DVD's recorded from 2006 to 2013.

Beautiful Miss Alex, 13yo during the filming of both DVD's!

Beautiful Miss Alex has blossomed after her first modeling DVD and we have picked some great and colorful outfits for the rest of her DVD's including the themed DVD's  with customer provided attire.

Model DVD's featuring Alex starting from her first one in 2006 to the January 2011 release of DVD 9 which is a 2 part session with body paint and chocolate fights with Babs.  We get to meet Babs, Alex's school friend and she joins Miss Alex for dual shoots before Babs moved out of state. Bab's modeling DVD's are: the 2011 Easter Special and 2011 August Special. 

Update! Babs and Miss Alex both came back for a few sets in 2013 for the August 2013 shoots and more sets during October and November 2013 sessions! Babs is a mom now with a lovely little girl!

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 November 2013 DVD with Babs and Friends!

November 2013 Bab's and Friends: I had the girls come over before Halloween to try out a different backdrop setting and had new dresses made especially for Babs and E, but she was busy babysitting and doing school activities, so A and H showed up which is ok by me! I keep asking the girls if they have some friends that might want to join in the fun too!

Disc 1 modeling session has Babs and H in the zipper dresses on the stage with the goal of having Babs teach H some dancing moves with secondary goal of having fun interacting with each other. Babs is looking healthy and in good spirits as is H. Lots of family drama going on back home with all the girls so its good for them to get away for a while. This is an extended set and disc one also has short segments with Babs and H playing around the new backdrop...another reason I asked the girls over so I could test this backdrop before I ask any first timers over.

Disc 2 has Babs and H doing a extended set with the green and blue sheer tops in front of the backdrop and finally we see the girls dancing and showing off their best Miley Cyrus moves. There is limited editing so these sets sometimes can get crazy with moves and directions. The rest of disc two has A wearing a school girl outfit on the stage, which is split into two parts.

November 2013 Bab's and Friends Part 2:

Disc 3 continues with A in her school girl uniform on the stage and with the backdrop. A's second set features a black button down top and gold bottoms sent in by another Alexis fan. She keeps getting more fans, at least from the email comments I get! Her band practice is helping her rhythm and she has learned how to sway her hips and be a little less hyper active. All good! Disc three continues with H looking super hip in a new bikini style and red boots and we finish the disc with some behinds scenes with E and H and have the first part of her purple lingerie session.

Disc 4 sessions continue with beautiful E in the purple lingerie with a little extra hula hoop action. E is looking trim and shapely, maybe it's just me, but seeing these girls every few months reveals just how beautiful the girls are becoming. A's final individual set will feature her in the black butterfly top and  black PVC shorts.  Mom does a great job with her hair!

Disc 5 is the freebie disc and will be sent with either part one or part two titles. The first set has Babs dancing in the black sheer mini dress. Our shoot was cut short by a family emergency and we were not able to get any pictures with Babs. Disc 5's second extended set has E, H and A together on creating chaos with a poor innocent balloon! Their individual sets are on Part Two's disc three and disc four.

The November 2013 Special is two parts! $39.99  Recorded on DVD-R Media Discs

Some sample video images from the November 2013 Disc 1 and Disc 2: 

Some sample video images from the November 2013 Disc 3 and Disc 4: 

**** October's 2013 Back Home DVD! ****

October 2013 EMA Back Home: What a summer huh? (2013) Not sure if I'll be able to repeat all the stuff we did that summer anytime soon! Our release for October 2013 has a fan favorite coming back home! Yes, Miss Alex came home in August and we hit her up to shoot with younger sis for some back to school shopping money!

Disc 1 starts off when Miss Alex in the black zipper dress and we get to find out a little about what she's been doing since our last time we saw her ( in Bab's Easter Special wearing bodypaint) hint: she hasn't been on a round the world walkabout! Too bad, as now is the time to do things like that when your young before life comes knocking.  The second set on Disc one has the sisters playing with the water spray in thong bottoms and cute little tops someone sent in. This is an extended set on the stage set. Think of this as an E special with big sis helping out!

Disc 2 has the girls out on the porch in the colorful pool with hot water and suds. E is wearing one of our custom made suits with the sparklesheen sheer material and is so beautiful. Alex is wearing a open front romper that she wore before. Perhaps we should have picked another suit for her, but Alex was a bit picky on her attire for this shoot! This is an extended session as well. The remaining time on this disc has the intro before water spray session.

Disc 3 is back on the stage after our late lunch break with the girls wearing cute lingerie outfits seen on the August sessions with the other girls. We have another customer sending in lots of outfits, so the girls have a bunch of stuff to choose from and they are pretty choosy! A customer reminded me of a set with E from 2012 that I haven't released, so I'll fill the last few minutes with that session. A cute outfit from 2012, and watching it, E is very cute too!

The October 2013 Special is available for $39.99 and is on 3 DVD-R Media Discs

Some sample video images from the October 2013 Disc 1and Disc 2: 

Some sample video images from the October 2013 Disc 3: 

**** August 2013 release DVD's with Babs and Friends! ****

2013EB August Special: Whew! What  I have for you for August is gonna be special! I rented a vacation home in Orlando early June as the girls were out of school and the only days I could get as the entire summer is booked for these vacation tourist homes. Plus, I was told Babs was back in town! Our August video was shot while I was in severe back pain, in fact this whole weekend shoot was incredibly painful and likely limited some of the things I wanted to do.

Disc 1 has lovely E wearing our sheer top with stockings in the upstairs room. No walking around the stage prop, just looking beautiful. Unfortunately this expensive rental didn't have any pure music stations, so we had to use E's iPhone so we'll apologize for the poor background audio, and just tune me out as well :)  Set two has Babs joining E in some very pretty lingerie outfits sent in by customers. It's been a while since they were together and E actually seemed a little shy. If you remember Babs had a baby girl about a year ago and has been trying to get settled as a single mom.

Disc 2 gets a little wet as we heat up the water bottles and start spraying! E and Babs are in the downstairs living room for an extended set in the butterfly lingerie outfits. Lots of giggling and interaction between the girls as usual!

Bonus Disc is the pool session with Babs, E and A out in the water in bikinis and generally horsing around with the beach ball and raft. A did the GoPro camera for underwater shots which are pretty cool! And of course the other girls used it too. The underwater shots have limited editing and the shot selection is pretty random but hey, it's all part of the show!

Note: GoPros are done and ship with new orders. I mailed them out separately for August and September customers.

The August 2013 Special is available for $39.99 and is on 3 DVD-R Media Discs

Some sample video images from the EB August 2013 Disc 1and Disc 2: 

Some sample images from the EB August 2013 Bonus Pool Day 1: 

Some sample images from the EB August 2013 Bonus Pool Day 1: 

GoPro Disc from the August Summer releases:

2013 GoPro Underwater Discs: These discs have the GoPro camera footage taken by Alexis and the other girls during the pool sessions from our August Specials. As a long time fan says: "The underwater shots are pretty fast-moving but work well with your shots to give a good idea of all the pool action -- i.e., chaos, but a very good kind, lol"

Disc One has the Day One, Day Two and the first part of Day Three GoPro pool action.

Disc Two has the rest of the Day Three GoPro underwater sessions and the above pool video.  The rest of the disc is filled with goodies you'll appreciate.  I'm not sure, but do any of the other websites give you as much freebies as this site??

Pool Day One GoPro Underwater Scenes:

Pool Day Two GoPro Underwater Scenes:

Pool Day Three Video and GoPro Underwater Scenes:

*** The "LOST" Alex and Babs video footage! ***

The "Lost" Alex and Babs DVD!  "Lost" was coined by a long time fan, who asked about video footage after seeing the Alex Photo Sets! So I dug out the tapes and put it together.  After hearing the latest news about Alex and Babs this is likely the last we'll see of the two girls modeling as they move on with the flow of life. (See News page, Babs and Alex have returned!)

One Disc features the two together in the Zipper Dress Mini's, the Rompers and a lingerie theme set in the front room. This video footage was shot in October 2010 and is not in "HD" format.  The rest of the video taken with Babs during this shoot was used in the Alex DVD 9 Part 1 and Part 2 DVD's.  (Backyard chocolate fight/water fight) Minimal editing on the DVD.

This 1 Hour, 1 Disc Modeling DVD is available for  $19.99 on DVD-R Media

Video captures from the DVD:

Babs August 2011 Special:


Babs August Special in HD  We have a DVD featuring Babs!

We've had some customer requests for Babs to do a chocolate session similar to Niki's 3rd DVD, so we made some room on our busy July schedule for her to come over and get messy!

This DVD also has the second part of Bab's and Alex bodypaint set in the little pool with spray bottles! The first paint session is on Bab's Easter Special, scroll down this page to order that DVD. This new DVD starts out with a cute webcam chat with Babs and Elizabeth.

Disc 1 has the intro chat and about 27 minutes of the part 2 body paint and the first part of Chocolate stage session.  You really don't want to miss out on the part 2 paint set! Disc 2 continues the chocolate fun and then we go outside to clean Babs with Elizabeth assisting with the hose. A very fun and messy shoot! It took me hours to clean up the stage!

This 2 Hour, 2 Disc Modeling DVD is  $39.99 on DVD-R Media

Some video captures from Disc 1:

Some video captures from Disc 2:

 Babs Easter Special from May 2011:

Babs Easter Special in HD  We have a new DVD featuring Babs! As you might recall, Babs was with Alex for the body paint and outdoor chocolate fight seen on Alex DVD 9 part 2, released in January 2011. Babs is the opposite of Alex, full of energy and likes to dance with a bubbly personality. We think she had a great time and fun. We got quite a few requests for her to come back after fans saw her earlier. edit-Plus I've been getting customer requests for more of Babs!

Disc 1 begins with Babs on stage with the Black open front Romper. She is very talkative and spontaneous during her sets. We also have some outdoor video while we take pictures in this outfit. Set 2 has her on the stage again jumping and bouncing around in our mesh sparklesheen top. Disc 1 concludes with Babs and guest model Elizabeth playing and having fun together modeling some cute outfits sent in by a longtime customer.

Disc 2 continues with the dual customer provided attire set, I wanted a long modeling set. We hit the outside porch pool for some water activities similar to the Christmas HD sets with Elizabeth doing the water duties! And to finish our session, we have a extended body paint set with a special guest model!

This 2 Hour, 2 Disc Modeling DVD is available for  $39.99 on DVD-R Media

Some video captures from Disc 1:

Some video captures from Disc 2:

***  Miss Alex DVD 9 from 2011 *** 

Miss Alex's Modeling DVD 9 Wow, Alex continues to amaze us with her look and maturing personality. The DVD material seen here was taken over 3 different shoots starting in August 2010 to October 2010.

Disc 1 starts with Alex's traditional warm up set in the Black Zipper dress with fish net stockings. She has done up her hair in a special braid which really looks nice. The inside sets continue with a Glittermesh Napkin top, I really like the retro style look of the napkin top and up close you can see the glitter sparkling. She wore a similar shaped top a long time ago in her first DVD. We did a body paint theme with Niki's DVD 3, so I figured I'd ask Alex to see what she thought about it. We are always trying to add some variety. We had some basic ideas and rules for the theme and so the final set on disc1 is body paint.

Disc 2 features a medley of customer provided outfits for some variety, of course she loved them! Thanks goes out to the individuals who sent them in. This would be the first time we have shot a set with customer provided fashions. Now if we can get a customer provided in ground pool and spa... We have another body paint set too! Same rules and conditions, except Alex had cut her hair prior to school and donated to the wigs for cancer kids charity. No pictures were taken during the paint sets except for the belly button ones. I actually had a painting theme for this set :)

This 2 Hour, 2 Disc Modeling DVD is available for  $39.99 on DVD-R Media

Some video snaps from Disc 1:

Some video snaps from Disc 2:

*** Miss Alex DVD 9 Part 2 ***

Miss Alex's Modeling DVD 9 Part 2  We continue with Alex 9 DVD...

Disc 3 has another customer provided outfit, a royal blue romper with white fishnet stockings. This set was taken after she cut her hair, and we already received comments about how cute she is with shorter hair. We also do a set with the purple one piece suit. This suit is similar to the red jumper seen on Alex's DVD 8 in the pool. But I had thrown the pool away in anticipation of getting another pool, but after Labor Day, even the stores in Florida stop selling the little backyard pools! Anyway, disc 3's final set is with her sis Elizabeth in a Black PVC Gothic one piece, while Alex messes around with my camera!

Disc 4 features an outside chocolate fight with Sis, the girls get very messy, and ignored the rules of conduct, namely no chocolate in the hair! They also get separate water hoses to clean the porch and finish up in the shower. I've been asking the girls to see if they have a friend that might want to do some sets, and Alex brought over a friend, and she wants to be called "Babs"... their body paint, chocolate fight and water hose activities finish up the  rest of disc 4.  They went a little wild and attacked Mom with the hose...Mom got them back good! Besides, I was told this all helps get out some family frustrations with each other. I imagine the conversation on the way home was interesting!

This 2 Hour,2 Disc Modeling DVD is available for  $39.99 on DVD-R Media

Some video snaps from Disc 3:

Some video snaps from Disc 4:


*** Miss Alex DVD 8 ( Spring Special 2010 ) ***

Miss Alex's Modeling DVD 8  Our latest DVD with Alex features a lingerie style theme! This new 3 Disc set includes three porch pool sets with a new one piece Jumper design and bikini fun with Sis!

Disc 1 starts with Miss Alex wearing a short mini skirt with black fishnet hose for her warmup set. She looks beautiful as always. Every new shoot seems to reveal more of Alex's personality and modeling mood. Her hair is really long as well, we haven't shot her for almost a year since last summer.  Set number two is the black butterfly semi sheer top with long socks. Alex loves long socks! Thank you to the fans who sent in clothing, hose and socks for her, we'll try to get a shoot this summer with those. The third set is a white babydoll outfit with black hose and white heels. No pasties or boots this time!

Disc 2 starts with an extended set featuring the white sparklesheen custom Dayla suit. We did that set inside, as she didn't want to wear it wet, however she ends up being very creative with our backdrop mylar strands. We hit the pool with our next suit, the Red Jumper as seen on the "news" page promo. I saw a picture of a girl wearing something similar on the web and thought wow, we can do something like that! So the swimwear vendor made up some different versions. Alex is wearing the first one, a red sparklesheen mesh with open front and red thong panty. We're using the garden hose to add some hot water. And finally, a short promo clip from Ashley and Heather's DVD.

Disc 3 has two extended sets: the first is Alex in the porch pool in t-shirt top and thong bottom being mellow on the raft and the dual session with the sisters in bikinis, being anything but mellow! Combine playful sisters, cookies and mountain dew kicking in, naturally picks up the action and this is quite a set! Don't get too close as you will get splashed :)

This 3 Hour,3 Disc Modeling DVD is available for  $39.99 on DVD-R Media  

Some video snaps from Disc 1:

Some video snaps from Disc 2:

Some video snaps from Disc 3:

*** Miss Alex Winter Special 2010 ***

Miss Alex's Winter Special '10 DVD  Yes our Seventh DVD with Alex! Well, what can we say, except for wow!  Beautiful Alex continues to surprise and surpass all our expectations, can you believe it, college bound in just a couple of years and where does the time go...

Disc 1 has the home studio setup as our summer swimwear event rental fell through almost at the last minute so Alex and Niki finished their sessions here.  After we shot Niki and her pasties themed shoot we suggested it to Alex as something different along with some of our bikinis and thong suits, so Disc 1 has Alex in a Catsuit Jumper for the intro warmup set, as most girls need some sort of warmup session.  After the Sierra Lite suit, we go with some short shorts and red stars under the sleeved top.  We have two more sets with the thong bottoms and color matching stars to complete Disc 1.

Disc 2 has some selected extended footage from Disc 1 sets and we hit the pool! Our little porch pool works great to add some color and water activities. Miss Alex tries out a new material for the Asia Minor Rio bikini set and has some beautiful quiet moments as she lets her hair float.  As always we shoot lots of different angles to add visual interest. The pool shoots are not in sequence, as we learned to add some hot water from the tap to temper the water a bit, even in July. We have another pool session with a Lady Bug print thong and white crop top.

Bonus Disc 3 has the final stage set with a new prop, our own giraffe! Miss Alex wears the Red White and Blue slingshot with matching stars and her new look.  We have another Pool set with a Brazilian cut bottom in Sky Blue PVC, which was the first pool set for her and I didn't have set up just right :)  The final segment on Disc 3 has some video from photo sessions taken during the April pool home with her and Sis. 

So, over all 3 Discs and 10 modeling segments from sunny Florida should provide some warmth to those who are under feet of snow and ice around the world. This DVD is completed and ready to ship.

This 3 Hour,3 Disc Modeling DVD is available for  $39.99 on DVD-R Media  

Some video snaps from Disc 1:

Some video snaps from Disc 2:

Some video snaps from Disc 3:

***  Alex Summer Special 2009! ***

Miss Alex's Summer Special 09 DVD This Sixth DVD has beautiful Alex modeling some of our exciting swimwear we had made for our April Swimwear event!  Yeah, Miss Alex likes one pieces and catsuit themes as a way to warm up and get into the shoot. We did hear from some fans about seeing more bikini themes so we did another set to add a bikini top and our new micro thong series we plan to sell eventually.

Disc 1 starts out with Miss Alex looking just stunning in her Irish Green outfit combo, we haven't seen Alex since 2008 and my she continues to grow and mature, plus show off a new sense of confidence. Our second set has the new Orange Wet Look "Sierra" Catsuit with matching Orange Thong Bottom.  The Wet Look fabric is pretty thin and needs a matching panty to make the girls feel comfortable. The more comfortable the girls are during a shoot leads to really good pictures and imagery. The disc concludes with a extended set in the pool, Miss Alex is wearing a newly made "Dayla" using t-shirt material...

Disc 2 starts by finishing the pool set of Alex in the thong one piece. The next set has Alex wearing our new micro thong panty and a blue crop top in the house set with the evening sun going down. We did a re-shoot to get some more bikinis for Alex to wear with a red lace bikini top, micro thong  and cute stockings. The final extended set on Disc 2 has a dual pool set with Alex and Sis in our new Sleeveless "Gothics" with Rio styling, suitable for swimming!

But wait there is a Bonus 3rd Disc! This Disc has the extended conclusion of the pool set with Alex and Sis, more video of the other modeling sets and selected video of the photography sessions. A final feature is a short preview!

This 3 Hour, 3 Disc Modeling DVD is available for  $39.99 on DVD-R Media 

Miss Alex Summer Special 2009.  Video screen shots from Disc 1:

 Miss Alex Summer Special 2009.  Video screen shots from Disc 2:

*** Miss Alex's Swimwear DVD 5 from 2008 ***

Miss Alex's Swimwear and More Modeling DVD  This  Fifth DVD has beautiful Alex modeling some of our exciting swimwear we have made for our new db swimwear website store.  We received our final order from the swimwear vendor and called up Miss Alex to model them, so we can complete our catalog album for a January 2009 release.

On Disc 1, we have Alex modeling a specially made "Montana" dress in black pleather which should be in every girls closet! Alex models that dress in the front set area. It's a little late for super dark summer tans and Alex likes the pale "vampire" look as she's reading a bunch of the vampire series for teens.  Guess what she made up for Halloween...yep a vampire in long coat. Sure wish she took some pictures of that for us! Some of our outdoor photography shots for the upcoming catalog features Alex in the Red Eyed Skulls fabric "Montana" dress.

We continue our dark theme and have Alex model another specially made suit, a black pleather "JulieAnn" contest suit! She looks great with her boots and hat on the stage set. The photo session has her modeling the Wet Look Black and Purple "JulieAnn" inside as the weather was overcast and raining.  Disc 1 continues with Alex in the Sky Blue PVC "Sierra" catsuit as she walks around the stage set. Alex is into drama, reading and acting classes...and not teen clubbing or partying.

With Disc 2 we introduce another new bikini set, this is called "Asia Minor"  see if you can guess where it's imported from? These were some of our first ones ordered until we found the local vendor and put our investment money back into Florida! Alex models the new Red "Asia Minor" for outside photography as we have a different top for her inside session. Photography sessions continue with the rest of the "JulieAnn" set and then it's head to the beach!  The four of us went to the beach and spent a hour or two with the girls playing and attempting sand castles...the water was too cold for them to be splashing around. Did I forget to mention Alex's sis came along? She makes a appearance every now and then. The girls are wearing modest one pieces under our "BayShore" name! We have included some bonus footage as well.

We had originally wanted to rent out a vacation rental with heated pool and such, for this shoot, but couldn't get enough iron clad confirmations so we'll have to do that some other time.

This 2 Hour, 2 Disc Modeling DVD is available for  $34.99 on DVD-R Media

Miss Alex Swimwear DVD 5  Video screen shots from Disc 1:

 Miss Alex Swimwear DVD 5 Video screen shots from Disc 2:

*** Miss Alex's Swimwear DVD 4 from 2008 ***

Miss Alex's Swimwear and More Modeling DVD  This Fourth DVD has beautiful Alex modeling some of our exciting swimwear we bought for our new db swimwear website store.  Our photo/video session with Alex starts outside with the "Alexis" Halter Top and Brazilian Bottom in Hot Pink, in the backyard garden areas. We now have a second stationary camera filming as the pictures are being taken to add some extra footage to the DVD. After the outside pictures are taken we move inside to continue modeling inside. The second set has Alex modeling another "Alexis" style Brazilian Bottom, this one is Lime Green and ties on the side with a Tankini Top. Both these sample suits are labeled Small.

The third set reveals a stunning new look for Alex in the Gold Foil "Gothic" Thong Backed Bodysuit! This is one of our signature db styles and she looks stunning! We would have like to have Alex a bit more tanned however, but Alex is beautiful regardless! The glitter adds a nice touch too.  The fourth segment on Disc 1 has two outside sessions, one with Alex's sister, Elizabeth modeling a Blue Foil "Serenity" bikini in a Xtra Small size. The other segment has Alex modeling our new "Indigo" bikini in a Black and White Checkerboard Bikini with Orange Binding outside in the garden area.

Disc 2 continues with Alex modeling the "Indigo" checker board suit inside. Miss Alex was acting very professionally for most of our shoot, but sometimes her unique personality shows up! The next photograph session is with the Purple "Dayla" One Piece thong suit outside and inside our stage set.  Alex spends a lot of time riding her bike and studying at the library for classes and her shyness shows up now and then.  She did her own makeup and styling for this shoot and she had a different look for most of the day. Our last set features the new "Sierra" catsuit in Copper Foil. We tired to get more activity with the hula hoop and beach ball.  Alex's sister has no problem with activity as she modeled our new Blue Foil "Serenity" bikini in Xtra Small on the inside set with hula hoop and beach ball. Recorded in June 2008.

This 2 Disc Modeling DVD is available for $34.99  on DVD-R Media

Miss Alex Swimwear DVD 4 Images from Disc 1:

 Miss Alex Swimwear DVD 4 Disc 2 images continues...

 *** Miss Alex DVD 3, The Beach Trip from 2007 ***

She's Back! That's right! Miss Alex has returned for a third modeling session! It's been almost a year since she came over last September and oh my, she continues to blossom. Our third shoot was recorded during July in Melbourne during the hottest and stormiest part of the summer season! Miss Alex came over with her Mom and her little 8yo sister as well.

The first disc has 3 sets starting with Miss Alex in a tight blue catsuit on our favorite blanket from Korea, in addition to some outside posing on the balcony. The second set with Miss Alex is simply stunning in a shiny gold bikini out on the balcony and also inside in the second room of the rental suite.  The final session on disc 1 features Miss Alex in a purple jumper when one of the nasty Florida thunderstorms arrives,  good thing I brought the hula hoop!

Disc 2 continues after our lunch break with the Jacuzzi bath tub and Mr. Bubble, which works much better with the water jets! This is an extended 2 part set with Miss Alex wearing the blue surf shorts. Lots of bubbles! After the storm passed we went out on the beach for a little while with Miss Alex wearing a pink and white bikini as she was playing in the waves. Our shoot continued the next morning at the river pier and finished up with a little boogie board activity in front of Miss Alex's family.

Pictures and video capture images are shown below from the actual DVD content and scene locations. Our all day shoot was shot on Melbourne Beach late July 2007.  This 2 Disc Modeling DVD is available for $34.99 on DVD-R Media  

Miss Alex DVD 3, Disc 1 images and video captures showing the outfits and sets from this new DVD!

Miss Alex DVD 3, Disc 2 images and video captures with blue bath sets, river park and beach from both days.

*** Miss Alex's Studio DVD 2 from 2006 ***

Our November Studio Modeling DVD features Miss Alex, in her stunning second DVD! Alex and her family came over in September and we spent the entire day shooting! We had a full house of company, and I had to keep the kids away from my toys! Miss Alex did a great job and was a super sport and just a little sassy!  Miss Alex  has blossomed into a beautiful young lady during her summer vacation and fun cheerleading activities. This DVD has Alex modeling 6 colorful outfits, including the "Goth" one piece, two colorful socks and tee tops and the final outdoor set with the purple classic one piece. ( similar in style to a high school girls swim team) I got to shoot Miss Alex while a family member volunteered to spray her with the water hose! Miss Alex also brought along a favorite casual  mall outfit so we have a short segment with that as well. She looks great in jeans too! And finally a cute shower in the purple suit to finish up the session.  seen on

Pictures and video capture images are shown below from the actual DVD content and scene locations. Our all day shoot was shot at a private residence in mid September 2006.  This 2 Disc Modeling DVD is available for $ 34.99  on DVD-R Media  

Miss Alex DVD 2, Disc 1 images and video captures showing the outfits and sets for this stunning DVD 2!

Miss Alex DVD 2, Disc 2 images and video captures including Goth part 2, jean mall outfit, and outdoor activities!

*** Miss Alex's Modeling DVD 1 from 2006 ***

Our July Studio Modeling DVD features Miss Alex, she is a very pretty girl. Alex and her Mom came over in late April and we spent the entire day shooting for our bikini and fashion modeling DVD.  Miss Alex, as she wants to be called for her DVD, has very thick beautiful long hair and wears it down for our video shoot. She just started her summer vacation and took some time out for her shoot before getting busy with summer cheerleading activities. This DVD has Alex modeling 7 colorful outfits, including two cute bikinis, and two Australian made  surf shorts plus the black mini dress for her first set. The bonus last set has Alex fooling around with her bass guitar with a shiny blue one piece suit that matches her bass. I had told her to bring it so we did a short session. We shot mostly inside as the weather turned bad outside during the shoot.  We did get some outside modeling with some cheer jumps and activity, but the weather was overcast and Alex looks beautiful.  Miss Alex is very active and likes to dance and sing,  with Mom keeping her focused on our shoot!  seen on

Pictures and video capture images are shown below from the actual DVD content and scene locations. Our all day shoot was shot at a private residence in early April 2006.  This 2 Disc Modeling DVD is available for $ 34.99  on DVD-R Media  

 Miss Alex Modeling DVD Disc 1 images and video captures showing the outfits and sets for this fun DVD!

 Miss Alex Modeling DVD Disc 2 images and video captures including red bikini part 2, outdoor blue bikini and blue bass bonus!

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