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Florida Bikini and Lingerie Modeling DVDs. Since 1993 we have been doing bikini and lingerie themed modeling shoots with local girls aspiring to become bikini models or just wanting a fun weekend getting paid to model bikinis and lingerie. This bikini modeling site features high quality DVD's with beautiful girls modeling bikinis, thongs, custom swimwear and lingerie! We shoot at home studio sets and public beach areas around the state of Florida.  We have a vast collection of multi-disc DVD titles for sale with teenage models and over 18 girls in a variety of attire, settings and themes.  We've been selling our unique style of modeling products since 1997. 

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How we got started: In October 2003 we posted modeling job ads in Florida and national online model talent websites for teenage models as a sort of "try it and see what happens" for our vision of a teen web modeling site. At that time teen modeling sites were popping up all over the world with younger teen girls and becoming quite a web phenomenon! So we thought we would join the fun! Applicants who responded were given the opportunity to model skimpy bikinis, thongs, lingerie and flirty outfits for the website modeling DVD productions sold here. The current collection is categorized  by years produced and specific themes.

Well, we learned a lot after that first year of video production! We learned why other teen modeling sites didn't pay royalties to the girls ( they never show up if you give them free money!)  But we continued with a core group of beautiful girls and strived to recruit additional bikini models each year. Which turns out is the hard part, I naively thought I could wave around a bunch of money and I'd have 100's of girls calling me to apply!  (edit Jan 2016 - still doesn't work even with social media!)

During late 2007 and early 2008 we created and trademarked a private label collection that featured swimsuits, bikinis, thongs and custom designed flirty and exotic fashion outfits to be marketed and promoted by our younger teen models during our shoots. The goal was to have additional income from swimwear sales, create a real product so the girls would feel like a real model and to help in recruiting. Due to unforeseen events, the swimwear product line website never took off like it was supposed to.

We have continued to feature some of our custom made suit designs in the modeling DVD's and also include cute fashions the girls like to wear to create a fun and interactive session. Recently we have been allowing fans and customers to send in outfits and gifts for the girls to model if they choose. A lot of the outfits go home with the girls! It's all part of the show!

The popularity of Facebook, youtube and Instagram sort of threw out the rule book on who can do what! Younger girls now are posting sexy images on social media sites for free what I would have paid them to model years ago! High school age girls all over the USA and world are posting tons of booty pictures to the general public for "likes!" As another model photographer stated in his blog, social media has changed the way girls present themselves. We are always on the lookout for models, so if you need some income, apply!

The Hot-Body and Spring Break DVDs: These were produced when I lived on the beach and hung out with club dancers and went to bikini contests every weekend. I recruited and hired these bikini girls to do more adult themed shoots as they were over 18. These early DVD's series have been migrated to their own section here. Check out the menu links above to see all the girls!

Current Image Content: Over 18 girls were filmed as wild as they wanted to go, with limits on my wallet! The minor age girls were recorded in accordance of state and federal guidelines with special emphasis on staying away from the crotch areas and open legs. We don't zoom into that area nor do we allow see through underwear or sheer bottoms. There is no sexual content, contact or implied sexual activity with the minor girls. * after 2008 I restructured the site so the minor age modeling DVD's have less public web exposure.

Our Production Style: We produce these NTSC (USA format) DVD's using digital equipment, with hours of post-production time to deliver a quality  presentation. Our DVD's come with nice color artwork, on screen chapter menus for easy and quick access to each session being featured, plus brief interviews with the models or conversations during the sessions. The editing pace is slow with long shots, we don't do 2 second cuts or video montages. I film these and edit these like how I want to see the girls. Normally my fans agree! We like to include the parents voice or brief image for proof of adult presence and consent for any shoots with minors.

DVD's released from late 2010 are shot with Hi Def (HD) cameras at higher resolutions. DVD's earlier than 2011 are 4:3 format. That is why some of the preview video caps are a different size.  Selected scenes from models are being released on Blu Ray Editions.

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