Beautiful Florida Girls in bikini and lingerie modeling dvd sessions!

April 2015 DVD The return of lovely Alexis  and Nevaeh! And Heather sets too!

Florida Bikini and Lingerie Modeling DVDs. Since 1993 we have been doing bikini modeling shoots with young and aspiring bikini models of all ages. This home page lists a huge catalog of high quality modeling DVD's featuring Florida girls wearing bikinis, swimwear and lingerie produced from our home studio sets and public beaches from the east coast of Florida. The modeling DVDs produced from our photo and video sessions feature girls wearing attire from our own custom made bikini collection, lingerie stores and customer provided glamour fashions.  Our Florida bikini modeling DVD shoot locations feature beaches, parks, vacation rental pool homes and our own home studio with multiple set backgrounds.

Check out the quick links menu bar to view additional sample pictures and video screen shots. Scroll down the page to see the feature bikini models and click their images or text links to see and order their DVD products. Our catalog store front also includes links to some of our early FTM teen modeling DVD products (released during 2004 to 2007.) We have a extensive selection of hot bikini contests from Daytona's Spring Break MTV era and candid bikini girls taken during surf events.

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Beautiful Florida Girls in bikini and lingerie modeling dvd sessions!

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Click here to see our original beach modeling dvds and wild spring break contests!

The "Hot-Body" bikini, surfer girls and Daytona DVD's feature public events and models from the early to late 90's.

Scroll down the page to see the beautiful teen girls and click to view samples from their DVD sets!

Lovely Alazai and Lovely Alexis DVD Collection!

Five DVD sessions with Alazai and Alexis featuring bikinis, slingshots, wrestling and fun in the tub! Updated with the rarely seen Alazai 5! The DVD sets are $29 to $39 for multi disc sets! To see more of Alazai check out the FTM pages to see her dual shoots with Lovely Jaye.  Click here for more pictures and to order online>  Lovely Alazai and Alexis Modeling DVD's  


Lovely Alazai from her August 2006 model shoot!

Lovely Miss Alex and Babs DVD Collection!

Beautiful Miss Alex started  modeling for us in 2006 and continued until she moved out of state. The later modeling sessions have her and Babs doing special themes in addition to the swimwear sets to add some fun. Updated for he return of Babs and Miss Alex during 2013 sessions! Click here for more pictures and to order online>  Miss Alex and Babs Modeling DVD's


              Lovely Ashley, Mea and Anna Model DVD's

Lovely Ashley, Anna and Mea modeling DVDs were taken during our April 2009 shoot at a summer vacation home with big free form pool! These videos feature our own custom made styles and we had a boatload of girls that were shot during our two week vacation stay! Click here for more pictures and to order online>  Spring Event Modeling Shoot April 2009 DVD's


Sweet Catarina and Rebecca DVD Collection!

Sweet Catarina modeled for us in late 2012 and we released her DVD in January of 2013 to kick off a great year for the fans! Beautiful and sexy blonde Rebecca! Click here for more pictures and to order online>  Sweet Catarina and Rebecca DVD


 Bonny Lass Heather and Kiri Model DVD's

Lovely Bonny Lass Heather and Kiri  were two beautiful teen girls we shot in the summer of 2006 and 2007.  Still fan favorites today! Click here for more pictures and to order online>  Bonny Lass Heather and Sensational Kiri Modeling DVD Page


Go back in time and see the first of the teen modeling dvds we released:

More of the original FloridaTeenModeling site DVD's:

Our first modeling dvds with the beautiful girls teen girls from 2004 to 2007 ( Paris to Misty)


Lovely Niki Model DVD Collection

Lovely Niki was another teen girl we hired for the April 2009 Event at the pool home! We did three Modeling DVD's featuring pool sets with bikinis to lingerie and body paint! Click here for more pictures and to order online> Niki's Modeling DVD's


Lovely Tina, Melissa and Andie Model DVDs

Beautiful Melissa, Tina and Andie put on quite a show modeling bikinis and lingerie and less! The DVD's feature special fun themes too! Updated! Mature over 18 content. Click here for more pictures and to order online>  Tina, Melissa and Andie

About this site: January 2014 was our ten year anniversary mark! In October 2003 we posted teen model wanted ads in local model talent websites as a sort of "try it and see what happens" for our early teen model site idea. At the time teen modeling sites were booming all over the world with younger girls. So we thought we would join the fun! Girls who responded were given the opportunity to model bikinis and fun outfits for the website. The girls were paid, signed releases and had parents attending the shoots. The girls were beautiful and had a fun time doing our informal and casual private sessions.

Well, we learned a lot that first year! We learned why other sites didn't pay royalties! But we continued with a core group of girls and strived to get additional models each year. Which turns out was the hard part, I naively thought I could wave around a bunch of money and I'd have 100's of girls calling me to apply.  (edit Jan 2015 - still doesn't work even on social media!)

A few years ago we created and trademarked a private label collection that featured swimsuits and custom designed attire to be marketed and promoted by our younger teen models during our shoots. The goal was to have additional income, create a real product so the girls would feel like a real model and to help in recruiting. Due to unforeseen negative events, the swimwear product line website never took off like it was supposed to.

We have continued to feature some of the suit designs in the DVD's and have also included fun stuff the girls like to wear to create a fun and interactive experience. Recently we have been allowing fans to send in attire and the girls are wearing those as well if they like them. A lot of the outfits go home with the girls! It's all part of the show!

The creation of Facebook, youtube and Instagram selfies sort of threw out the rule book on who can do what! Girls now are posting stuff on social media sites what I would have paid them to model years ago! Don't even get me started about the high school girls in Hawaii and California posting tons of booty pictures to the general public for FREE!

Our models presented here on this site have signed releases and parental consent and have been compensated for their modeling. Models do not receive royalties and are not under contracts. The girls who continue usually receive extra benefits.

The Hot-Body DVDs: were done in the early days when I lived on the beach and hung out with dancers and bikini contest girls and hired them to do more adult themed shoots as they were over 18. Of course the spring break and beach babes were all out in public events and venues. These were from my first website. The domain name is no longer mine as I canceled the renewal to save money on all the urls I had. These early DVD's will be migrated to pages here or a new site during 2015.

Image Content: Over 18 girls were filmed as wild as they wanted to go, and limits on my wallet! The minor age girls were recorded in accordance of state and federal guidelines with special emphasis on staying away from the crotch areas and open legs. We don't zoom into that area nor do we allow see through underwear or sheer bottoms. There is no sexual content, contact or implied sexual activity with the minor girls.

Production DVD note: We produce these NTSC DVD's using digital equipment, with hours of post-production time to deliver a quality DVD.  We use various camera positions during a shoot to add variety  and maintain viewer interest. Our DVD's come with nice color artwork, on screen chapter menus for easy and quick access to each session being featured, plus brief interviews with the models or conversations during the session and sometimes with a few candid behind scenes which add a bit of fun. We like to include the parents voice or brief image for proof of adult presence for any shoots with minors.

DVD's released from 2011 are shot with Hi Def (HD) cameras at higher resolutions. I'll be curious to see just how much sharper the images are:) DVD authoring is in the widescreen 16:9 format, standard DVD spec. DVD's earlier than 2011 are 4:3 format. Future goals will be to explore higher def DVD authoring software.

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