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Our Modeling DVD's feature action modeling themes with suits, exotics and lingerie fashions! Online since 1997!

Lovely Niki Photo from her 2009 shoot. We' ve been selling modeling DVD's since 1997

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Modeling DVD's! Our website features beautiful teen girls modeling suits, bikinis and lingerie fashions! The modeling DVDs produced from our shoots show the girls wearing attire from our own custom made collection, select mall stores and customer provided attire. To add variety we sometimes do other fun modeling themes beside swimwear! Our DVD's have a nice variety of camera shots with the actual audio captured during the shoots to provide a visually entertaining experience at a fair price.

Check out the links to order these great DVD's today and add to your collection! Scroll down the page to see what is available! Our online store front also includes links to our original FTM teen modeling DVD website (2004 to 2007) starting with beautiful Paris to our current lovely teen models. For something more mature and sexy, check out the over 18 "Hot-Body" themed DVD's with bikini contest girls and wild spring break college girls we did during the Florida MTV glory days (mid-1990's)

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Modeling DVD's featuring lovely Florida girls of all ages and themes from mild to wild! Take your time and browse the pages!

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More DVD's from our extensive modeling DVD collection we have for sale:

Alazai and Alexis modeled from 2004 to 2006

We have five DVD sessions with each girl featuring bikinis, slingshots, wrestling and fun in the tub! Order today! DVD sets are priced from $29 to $39 for 2 Disc sets!

  Lovely Alazai and Alexis Modeling DVD's                 1 to 2 hour DVD sets! Released in 2004!


Miss Alex's DVD released in 2006 to 2011

Beautiful Miss Alex started  modeling for us in 2006 and later she brought her sister and friends over to join the fun!

 Miss Alex and Babs Modeling DVD's                  Multi Disc sets with Alexs, Babs and Elizabeth


Spring Event Modeling Shoot April 2009 DVD's:

DVD's are from the April 2009 vacation pool home shoot! Click for more info!


Bonny Lass Heather and Sensational Kiri Modeling DVD Page

 Two Hour DVD sets from 2006 to 2007, classic young blondes in thongs.


Niki's Modeling DVD's

Niki was a little wilder for her sets! 2009 to 2010, get yours today!


Tina, Melissa and Andie over 18 themed DVD's

These DVD's are from 2008 to 2013, Click for more info!


More of the original FTM DVD's:

Our first productions from 2004 to 2007 Don't miss out on Grace or Paris!


Hot Body DVD's from the early days and from my first website!  Note, these are hosted on the db site and different cart:

Click here to see our original beach modeling dvds and spring break contests!

The "Hot-Body" bikini, surfer girls and Daytona DVD's feature public events and models from the early to late 90's.

About this site: January 2014 was our ten year anniversary mark! In October 2003 we posted bikini model wanted ads in local model talent websites as a sort of "try it and see what happens" for our early teen model site idea. At the time teen modeling sites were booming all over the world with girls aged 13 to 16. So we thought we would join the fun! Models who responded were given the opportunity to model for the website. The models were paid with signed releases and parents attending the shoots. The girls were beautiful and had a fun time doing our informal and casual bikini modeling sessions.

Well, we learned a lot the first year! But we continued with a core group of girls and strived to get additional models each year. Modeling DVD's released between January 2004 to December 2007 were basically private studio work, with models being paid to wear store bought suits, fashions, lingerie and mall clothes.

During 2008, there was a major push by local politicians to redefine what a "teen modeling site" was and try to change the entire industry for their own agenda.  Basically the main foe of teen modeling wanted to ban anyone under 18 from doing any 'modeling' unless they were actually promoting a 'real product'. Needless to say, their attempts to ban the sites failed.

So, in April 2008, we created and trademarked a private label collection that features beautiful hand made bikinis, thongs, one piece suits, bodysuits and custom designed attire to be marketed  and promoted by any of our new models during our shoots. The DVD's features the girls modeling the styles at various locations including public beaches, private vacation rentals, pools, indoor stage sets and scenic backyard gardens and shower areas for a high quality digital DVD.

Since then we have continued to feature some of the suit designs in the DVD's and have also included fun stuff the girls like to wear to create a fun and interactive experience. Recently we have been allowing fans to send in attire and the girls are wearing those as well if they like them. A lot of the outfits go home with the girls! It's all part of the show!

The advent of Facebook, youtube and selfies sort of threw out the rule book on who can do what! Girls now are posting stuff on youtube for free (granted -poor quality crappy edited small low res videos) what I would have paid them to do years ago!

The Hot-Body DVDs: were done in the early days from 1993 to 1998 when I lived on the beach and hung out with dancers and bikini contest girls and hired them to do more adult themed shoots as they were over 18. Of course the spring break and beach babes were all out in public events and venues. These were from my first website. (hot-bikinis.coxm) Domain name is no longer mine as I canceled the renewal to save money on all the urls I had. Currently these are hosted on a different site.

Image Content: Over 18 girls were filmed as wild as they wanted to go, and limits on my wallet! The minor age girls were recorded in accordance of state and federal guidelines with special emphasis on staying away from the crotch areas and open legs. We don't zoom into that area nor do we allow see through underwear or sheer bottoms. No sexual content or implied sexual activity with the minor girls.

Production DVD note: We produce these NTSC DVD's using digital equipment, with hours of post-production time to deliver a quality DVD.  We use various camera positions during a shoot to add variety  and maintain viewer interest. Our DVD's come with nice color artwork, on screen chapter menus for easy and quick access to each session being featured, plus brief interviews with the models or conversations during the session and sometimes with a few candid behind scenes which add a bit of fun. We like to include the parents voice or brief image for proof of adult presence for any shoots with minors.

DVD's released from 2011 are shot with Hi Def (HD) cameras at higher resolutions. I'll be curious to see just how much sharper the images are:) DVD authoring is in the widescreen 16:9 format, standard DVD spec. Future goals will be to explore higher def DVD authoring software.

If you have any site questions, cart functionality or just want to say hi, please email us! We respond to most inquires!

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