This page presents girls over 18 modeling themes with experienced semi-professional models.

Lovely Tina is a fantastic Latin dancer with incredible dancing and modeling presence. She has been modeling around Florida for a few years and we love to shoot her for the modeling DVD's! Tina's DVD's usually feature dual sessions with her friends for more fun! The DVD's with the over 18 girls tend to feature more erotic and adult themes.

Don't miss out on these exciting DVD's with Tina, Melissa and Andie! These specials have extended scenes with more exotic themes from slippery baby oil to sexy Santa's!

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Tina's Special 3!

Tina's Special DVD 3!

Disc 1 stars with beautiful Tina wearing a cute sundress (her own) and we tease with VS undies. The rest of disc one has two sessions with the cut off shirt, both blue and black. We had to do some adjustments as Tina was under the impression we didn't want her shirt riding up...silly girl.

Disc 2 Well what can I say? Disc two is all Tina in a white Wicked Weasel "Bikini!" You'll see why I don't allow these types of suits on under 18 girls! Tina dances and moves her way around our white back drop with some lotion and a lot of sexy poses. Disc two also has a promo sample clip (same clip is on the Catalog 8 too ) Just making sure you have all the latest info!

  This 2 Disc Modeling DVD is available for  $39.99 on DVD-R Media  Recorded August 2014

Video shots from Disc 1and 2 from Tina's Special DVD 2:


Tina's Oil Special 2!

Tina's Oil Special DVD 2! We shot this video in July 2013 and Tina is stunning as always. She came over for an emergency money situation so of course I suggested another oil session and we threw in the soapy bath to help her wash off the baby oil.

Disc 1 is actually out of sequence as we have about 45 minutes of Tina in the porch pool washing off the oil. I've had this clear plastic suit for years I had bought from a now defunct swimwear company...amazing how swimwear sites don't last! Anyway Tina dazzles in the suit as always. The rest of the disc has the first part of the baby oil session.

Disc 2 is all baby oil, we continue from disc 1 and Tina applies more and more oil totally soaking her shirts and bottoms. It's pretty amazing how much oil Tina can squeeze out of her tops and watch the oil drip out! The bottoms get pulled up even higher than some of those WW "suits" so I'm sure this oil session will outdo the first special!

*** Images shown were picked to show the content without going too graphic as we do share the site:)

Buyers of this DVD will get the 2 disc "Lost Andie DVD" free!

  This 2 Disc Modeling DVD is available for  $39.99 on DVD-R Media  Recorded July 2013

Video shots from Disc 1and 2 from Tina's Special DVD 2:

Some images from the "Lost Andie DVD"


Tina's Oil and Christmas 2012 Special!

Tina's Special! We shot this video in December 2012 and Tina is stunning as always. I mentioned earlier Andie has been forced to retire by her new husband, so this 3 Disc Special is all new video with Tina!  The Special Theme is all topless!

Disc 1 has an extended session with Tina in the red slingshot with a Santa theme on our stage with the snow leftover from prior shoots. The second set on disc one has Tina outside on our beach chair in a casual everyday dress for a little variety. As usual, lots of great movement and our favorite camera angles that our fans love.

Disc 2 continues with a green foil slingshot, oh my I love the slingshots, and it's always better if the girl is not concerned about the top slipping off! The second set on this disc two continues the rest of Tina's casual dress and a special unreleased short set with Andie from her last shoot prior to her wedding.

Disc 3 features Tina with a simply stunning extended session with micro bottoms and baby oil. I should charge extra just for this disc alone! Tina's not shy about the amount of baby oil applied either!

Images shown were picked to show the content without going too graphic :)

  This 3 Disc Modeling DVD is available for  $39.99 on DVD-R Media  Recorded December 2012

Video shots from Disc 1 from Tina's Special:

Video shots from Disc 2 from Tina's Special:

Video shots from Disc 3 from Tina's Special:

Tina and Andie Pre Chirstmas Special

Tina and Andie DVD3! Beautiful Tina and Andie are back for a special pre Christmas shoot! This DVD themes continues from the best selling "Encore DVD"  without the need for paint or glue to hold suits in place!

Disc 1 features the girls in thong bikinis dancing and playing. Andie has had a birthday since we saw her last and that opens up opportunities for additional themes! This is an extended set that covers most of the hour on Disc 1 with the girls setting up the tinsel and garland for the "Christmas" stage setting.  Also on this disc 1 is a beautiful preview, so don't miss out!

Disc 2 has the girls in Red, White and Blue contest suits without glue or tape so you know these come off real easy and the girls give each other some lessons in dancing! This is an extended set as well. The girls said they were a little naughty so what better than to have a soapy bath to clean up! Our bath takes place outside on the porch and the outdoor shower.

Likely the last video shoot with Andie due to her change in relationship status.

  This 2 Disc Modeling DVD is available for  $39.99 on DVD-R Media  Recorded Oct 2012

Video shots from Disc 1 from Tina and Andie's DVD 3:

Video shots from Disc 2 from Tina and Andie's DVD 3:

Tina and Andie Encore DVD 2!

Tina and Andie Encore DVD! These two work so well together I asked them back asap! They came over around the end of May 2012 and did a super shoot! Some of you might have seen the preview or sample clip on E and H's Spring 2012 DVD. 

Disc 1: I paid for the girls to get some tanning and sweet Andie showed up with a new hair color that just makes her glow! And she actually did use the saloon. During the first shoot the girls mentioned their favorite colors, so I had the Gothics made up for them, and a customer sent in the stockings and the babydolls too! The second set has Tina in red and Andie in purple babydolls dancing and talking. The girls talk a lot and guys listen up, they share some girl secrets! Also on Disc 1 is the frist few minutes of the water bottle spray that I forgot to put on Disc 2:)

Disc 2: The sexy zipper dresses allow the girls to play around and have fun, with the zippers coming way down as part of the fun! The second set is another sheer when wet one piece thong suits water bottle contest, with a few minutes outside in the shower to get some daylight pics.

Disc 3: The bonus set disc! No paint and/or minimal paint, all I need to say! I'm thinking of offering just the bonus Discs from Tina and Andie Dance and this DVD as a set. Let me know what you think about that.

I forgot about a 3 minute web cam chat on the computer, so I'll put that on a future DVD. I'm sure I'll want the girls over again before the year is out. Maybe a Christmas special.

  This 3 Disc Modeling DVD is available for  $39.99 on DVD-R Media  Recorded May 2012

Video shots from Disc 1 with Tina and Andie Encore DVD!

Video shots from Disc 2 with Tina and Andie Encore DVD!

Video shots from Disc 3 with Tina and Andie Encore DVD!



Tina and Andie Dance DVD!

Tina and Andie Dance DVD! When I had posted back in January about hearing from Tina, I received lots of positive emails about her! And then when she vanished, I got lots more email! So we are pleased to welcome her back! She brings beautiful  17yo Andie along with her! Everybody will be real happy, as Andie is a great dancer too!

Disc 1 starts out with a cute video chat where the girls talk to you about themselves a little.  We then hit the stage in the Gothics with the fishnet stockings, the girls loved them and express their thanks to the customer who sent them in. The second extended set is in the main room where a change of music does wonders. The girls wear a new Thong style I want to put up on the swimwear site.

Disc 2 is continues with sheer one piece suits on the stage and after our break we continue with thong bottoms and sheer Napkin tops for a little water bottle spray contest. This is done inside in the center room, with each girl making sure there is enough water on them to cool them off. Dancing's hard work! Really! I could hardly walk for 3 days after this shoot! We shot the pictures outside while we still had some light. We did go to the beach and take some pictures of the girls wearing bikinis for the website, but no video. Some of the bikini pics are on the swimwear site.

Disc 3 is the bonus disc! This disc has 3 segments: Andie alone on stage with her bonus theme; a short tee and chocolate.  Tina has makeup as paint for her session and then both together to finish up the day.

  This 3 Disc Modeling DVD is available for  $39.99 on DVD-R Media  Recorded April 2012

Video shots from Disc 1 with Tina and Andie Dance DVD!

Video shots from Disc 2 with Tina and Andie Dance DVD!

Video shots from Disc 3 with Tina and Andie Dance DVD!

Spring Special 2009 DVD with Melissa and Tina! Part 2

Tina's Spring Special DVD with Melissa! Part 2 They are back! This follow up DVD has more exotic themes with home made pasties and baby oil and custom made sheer swimsuits! We had put money down on a week rental in July for another pool home location shoot, but it fell through at the last minute, so we did the shoot at the home studio.

Disc 1 starts out with the girls wearing some festive July 4th Red, White and Blue slingshots with star shaped pasties! Our home made pasties are cut from old swimsuits and glued on, the swimwear fabric is thinner than the store bought pasties. Thinner is better! We have a vertical bar added to enhance the set. We made a portable platform for the bar to take with us, but put it on our stage to give the bar some support. Set 2 has Tina and Melissa wearing our long sleeved coverups and doing more dancing on the stage. Set 3 on the disc is a baby oil theme with pasties and our new thong panties/swimwear. Fun!!

Disc 2 has an extended set with the girls in our custom made "Dayla" one piece suit, we made some with t-shirt material (see Alex's Summer Special pool set) and some with a sparklesheen mesh, a very fine mesh and very sheer when wet, lovely! We got a little backyard kiddie pool set up under the porch and it works great, nice lighting and about 6-8 inches of water, enough to get the girls wet and play around a bit.  The next set is after the pool and lunch on the stage with thong bottoms and mesh bikini tops with more dancing.  Disc 2 ends with some more footage from the slings and other outfits!

  This 2 Disc 2 Hour Spring Special DVD is available for  $39.99 on DVD-R Media  

Disc 1 images from the Spring Special DVD Part 2 with Tina and Melissa!

Disc 2 images from the Spring Special DVD Part 2 with Tina and Melissa!

Spring Special 2009 DVD with Melissa and Tina! Part 1

Miss Tina's Spring Special DVD with Melissa! We had a lot of requests for dual girl shoots lately, so we contacted our most recent over 18 models and worked on a shoot date!  We are calling this our Spring Special as we are not really promoting any specific swimwear with this new DVD...and Tina and Melissa make it really special!

Our first Disc features the girls in the metallic jumpers with the zippers down as Tina instructs Melissa on how to dance latina style! Melissa is a quick study and so our first extended session has a lot of dancing, plus it nice to hear the girls talk and laugh while they are working with each other. The second segment continues with more dancing with the "JulieAnn" bikini contest slingshot suits. The girls move really well, so we didn't need to use any contest glue. Finally  a short part 1 session with the lingerie Baby Dolls as the girls bounce on the sofa!

Disc 2 continues with the lingerie and the girls have a mock pillow fight and some fun wrestling which turns into a sort of "see if you can do this..."  We get to see what girls really do at slumber parties! After that, we go outside and get messy with cold chocolate syrup as the girls rub it on each other which turns into a big mess as they get sort of feisty and the only rule is "no chocolate in Melissa hair!"

After that, we, I mean they hit the showers for cleanup! The rest of the Disc 2 has some bonus footage from the other outfits sessions. Unfortunately, the photographer forgot to take some pictures during the chocolate mess :(

  This 2 Disc 2 Hour Spring Special DVD is available for  $39.99 on DVD-R Media  

Disc 1 images from the Spring Special DVD with Tina and Melissa!

Disc 2 images from the Spring Special DVD with Tina and Melissa!

Melissa's Swimwear and more Modeling DVD!

Melissa Swimwear DVD  or to confuse things, the DB Swimwear DVD series 8! Lovely blonde hair Melissa came down right before Thanksgiving and we did a fun and casual shoot. We had a rare cold weather day (for Florida ) so we didn't do too much outside, one of the benefits of having an inside stage and additional shooting areas. You might have seen Melissa online before as she is highly requested by other photographers!

Disc 1 starts off with Melissa wearing a tight red "Montana" dress on our sofa set as we do some posing and lite conversation. We go outside to shoot another color of the "Montana" club dress for our catalog. The Emerald Green Montana dress outdoor photosession is not shown on this DVD. Set 2 is our favorite suit, the bikini contest "JulieAnn" sling in a pretty Pink Kittens fabric. Can you believe she's never seen a slingshot?!  She wore the suit like a pro bikini circuit girl and we did another sling outside with the Red Skulls fabric. Disc 1 finishes up with the cute "Asia Minor" suit in Blue Stripes. The outdoor video photosession has the Slingshot, another Asia Minor we're calling Palm Tree Floral and the "Dayla" One Piece Suit.

Disc 2 starts off with Melissa wearing the black butterfly lingerie top and we get her to bounce around on the sofa for some activity. Melissa is a good sport and tired out the baby oil which she said she really liked! Good! As I know the oil adds a nice sheen and creates a different look to the girl! There's a reason bodybuilders wear oil at contests! We cut a tee shirt a bit short and had her do some posing on the counter top. Those two sets are the bulk of the Disc 2 with the yellow "Crop Top" adding some color to our session as we hike that up as well to show "reverse cleavage" as Grace model used to say...and finally a short set with a Gray "Dayla" one piece thong suit.

  This 2 Disc Modeling DVD is available for  $39.99 on DVD-R Media  

ideo shots from Disc 1 featuring beautiful Melissa!

Second Disc screenshots with the lingerie and baby oil sets. As always the low res captures look darker than the real thing!

Tina Swimwear DVD 2!

Miss Tina's Swimwear Modeling DVD  2! This second DVD with beautiful Tina in some of our sexy swimwear styles we just received!  Tina is a great model with natural talent and an incredible love of dancing! Perfect for video!!

Tina models a black wet look mini dress with hose on the sofa for our first set, and she looks stunning! This dress is so new we don't even have a name for it yet!  ( how about..."Montana" ) The second set has the contest suit everybody loves...yes the "JulieAnn" Slingshot Bikini Contest suit!  Tina models and dances in a red and white "JulieAnn" on the stage! She is so smooth that she doesn't need any glue for the suit! We learned some lessons from our first DVD and I had Tina wear a second JulieAnn outside for additional video and pictures! We can never get enough slingshots! This DVD is more like our older ones and we reduced the run time of the photoshoot set.

With our next set, Tina changed to a wilder more exotic hair look and it's just perfect for the Blue Foil "Sierra" Catsuit! We love the tight catsuits especially with our own label inside! This fits Tina purrfectly! :)

The great fashions keep coming! Tina continues with the wild look for our "Danny Boy" Booty shorts sets in Red Skulls fabric on the sofa set. We go outside with another "Danny Boy" in wet look black and red socks and Tina looks just stunning in black! After this set and our lunch break we go with a outfit that Tina has been wanting to wear ever since Lovely Alazai wore it...the pink and white single plunge with belt and lace top. Tina has a nice mix of dancing and slow posing that just works great. If you haven't seen Tina's first DVD then you don't know how much she loves to dance!

Our final combined session is with a "Cancun" style thong set in Red White and Blue. The outside garden is perfect for some pictures and video to add to our catalog images. Tina changes out the top for a skimpy see through one and hits the shower for two sets including the white mesh one piece suit! My what a day!

Recorded Sept 27th 2008.  This 2 Disc 2 Hour Modeling DVD is available for  $39.99 on DVD-R Media  

Disc 1 images from Tina's second shoot!

Disc 2 images from Tina's sexy DVD 2!

Additional video screen shots from Tina's Second DVD! This DVD has less outside photo session video and more inside!

Some more photos! All these video sessions are on Tina's Second DVD!

Tina's first DVD:

Miss Tina's Swimwear Modeling DVD  This hot DVD has beautiful Tina modeling some of our new swimwear line we bought for the swimwear website which opened July 2008. During our swimwear session outside with Tina modeling a cute T-Shirt dress, we set up a second video camera to record the set while the photographer takes a few pictures, and then we move inside to continue modeling with the T-Shirt dress. The second set begins with Tina applying baby oil in a purple String Thong before we go outside to take some pictures in our new rock garden area, after a few minutes posing and looking beautiful, we're back inside on the stage where Tina shows off her dancing talents!

Tina models a Tie Side Brazilian bikini in hot pink for set 3. We have our second video camera going as we take some pictures to get some additional footage to mix in with our standard video film style. The second camera provides a little different look! The set continues inside on the sofa. The last set with swimwear provided by dayla bay is the blue One Piece Thong and Tina looks stunning wearing it. We got some great looking photos while she is in this suit! We continue inside on our stage set with more dancing and posing before our dinner break.

Disc 2 of our 2 disc set continues with the conclusion of the blue one piece on the stage. The next set has lovely Tina in our favorite top, the blue butterfly!  Tina does some great posing and movement on the sofa set, we even get her to bounce around from sofa to sofa! Our last set for the disc is an extended session with Tina and Melody outside with some baby oil, a two bottle chocolate fight and hose down to clean up the mess!

Recorded April 20th 2008.  This 2 Disc Modeling DVD is available for  $39.99 on DVD-R Media  

Video shots from Disc 1 with Tina modeling some of our new swimwear line outside and inside sets.

Second Disc continues with more great dancing and a extended final set with oil, chocolate, clean up and shower!


Some additional video shots from this 2 disc DVD set! Vid caps are lower res and don't show as well as the Digital DVD.

Some additional pictures from our photo session! Tina (19yo) and guest Melody (21yo)

Beautiful 19yo Tina

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